Leaving a hover state menu open to allow a selection then making the menu disappear...

Apr 24, 2015

Grrrr! This is making my brain hurt. Of course it could be my head hitting the desk.

Ok. I have a hot spot. When the learner hovers the mouse over the hot spot, a graphic appears. I would like the learner to select a button (another hot spot) on the graphic to open up a file, then have the graphic disappear. Does this make sense? I can't make this work. The graphic appears when the mouse is hovering over the hot spot but when I move the mouse to make a selection on the graphic, the graphic disappears. Help!? Please!?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ethan - 

It appears that the CSLD hotspot shows the CSLD layer as you intended. I see that there is another trigger to open a file when you click on the hotspot, and this is working as intended. Do you want to have that file show when clicking the item in they layer? If so, the reason it's not working is because it is not on top of the hotspot, so if you move your mouse to that item, it is no longer going to be visible (as you are not hovering over the hotspot any longer). 

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