Left-to-Right text intermixed with Right-to-Left in the Notes of Storyline are corrupt upon changing Player to right-to-left

Jan 09, 2018

I have English text intermixed with right-to-left in the Notes Section (for such text as product names). This text flows and reads correctly when previewed/published. But when the Player is set to be right-to-left, the English text becomes corrupt.

See attached screenshot. Using Articulate 360, latest update (v3.11.14249.0). Using Arial font. Publishing as HTML5 with Flash fallback, SCORM 2004.

I should mention that when published it looks corrupt in Chrome, but not in IE11. But either way, it previews in Storyline as corrupt.

Upon further review, it's not only the left-to-right English text, but the right-to-left text too. In doing a test, I also discovered that the Notes are corrupt as soon as I set the Player to read text right-to-left, even if the Notes are ALL in English before importing the right-to-left text.

How can this be corrected for?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

I've seen a similar but different issue with RTL text and English, in that when you set the course player to RTL, we always put the English text at the end of the string of text. We've seen this happen to both title on top of the player and menu but your issue looks like the text is condensing or overlapping within the player. 

Since your issue is a bit different, I'd like to take a look at your .story file and get it into the hands of our team! Can you share here using the Add Attachment button? 

Leisa F


I am attaching a very paired down file of just 2 slides (to show the issue only). One slide has only English in the notes, while the other has RTL and English. With the Player set to read text RTL, the Notes in both the English slide AND the RTL/English slide view corrupt. Note that the Glossary text does not corrupt though (it has the same RTL/English text in it as the Notes - just for comparison sake).

I have started a new file and copied slides over, and this did not solve the issue either.

Articulate's team's help is MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leisa,

Thanks again for sharing that file - I always like to see real files with Arabic since it's something outside my normal realm. That way I make sure I'm seeing what you're seeing.  🙂 

I saw what you described and looked at a few different settings to try and resolve it, but it does seem to be a software bug with Storyline. I shared this report with our team - so I'll keep you posted here with any updates! 

I'm really sorry that it's causing such a headache, but thanks so much again for letting us know about this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I'll keep you posted! I did talk with one of our Developers on this yesterday. Strange as this may seem, you may see better results if you try setting the player text to LTR instead of RTL. Not sure why that works, but it seems to.

You'll want to double check the tab text, and of course the alignment will be incorrect, but at least the text will be legible.

Also, double check this in the full course preview and publish vs. the player preview - we're seeing that the player preview isn't reflecting what we're seeing upon full course preview. 

Leisa F


Noted. But LTR isn't technically correct. While I can manually change the alignment of the Notes themselves to be RTL, the User Interface will still read LTR (tabs, next/prev buttons, etc.). The glossary will also be LTR. This tells me that RTL in Storyline isn't truly fully functional.

Is there a way to manually have the Menu/Script/Glossary and any player text labels be set to RTL outside of the global Player setting to RTL?

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