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Sep 25, 2014


I have two issues concerning Arabic language according my Egyptian coleague...

First of all, marking text

In storyline, when I try to highlight a text in Arabic language, there is no sign for marking the text while in the same text box with the same setting I can easily see the highlighted English text

How can I deal with this problem and fix it?

N.B: In the picture here below, all the text in the box is highlighted but it is seemed that the English text is the only highlighted one- Player in Arabic

When we select Arabic language,

words in Arabic language are written in wrong way from left to right (the correct way is from right to left)

For Example: in the picture attached: The word in the green box is the right one, but after I chose the Arabic language what actually appears is the word enclosed by the red box

Thanks for your support on these topics...




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivier,

Have you set up your player to also have the text set up as right to left instead of left to right, in addition to enabling Arabic text in the player. 

I tried putting some Arabic text into my slides (from Google translate) and was able to highlight all the text, not just the English text.

I haven't seen that behavior before - but I'd want to have you check into the following items:

Are you working locally as described here? 

Do you have your DPI setting at 96 as described here? 

You may also want to try importing it into a new project as described here. 

Please let us know after you check into those how it's behaving. 

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