Les Bases de JavaScript par Kristian Chartier


il y a en 2015 à toronto un seminaire Articulate

est il possible d' avoir les supports sur les Commande des Javascript

il y a de plus en plus de dévelppement sur Sharepoint et il n' y a pas de docs donnant les consignes à suivre pour creer une ferme avec des supports de cours en STORYLINE ni sur les moyens de synchronisations avec des listes d'apprenants pour suivre les parcours.

merci pour votre reponse.


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Yves.

Although we don't provide support for JavaScript coding, this article will help when you're developing JavaScript triggers in Storyline.

The ability to host Storyline in SharePoint depends upon whether you are using a copy of SharePoint that is installed on one of your organization's internal servers, or are using Microsoft's cloud-based SharePoint Online service:

  • SharePoint Online won't play HTML files. As a result, SharePoint Online can't play published Articulate content, which includes HTML files. See this article for more information.
  • You should be able to host Articulate content in your SharePoint server. First, use the Web publishing option for your Articulate content. Then, in SharePoint, switch to "Explorer View" before uploading your published output as explained in this forum post. You may also need to check in your published files after uploading them to SharePoint.  If you need to track learners' progress and results, publish your Articulate content for LMS (SCORM), and use SharePoint's free Learning Kit. If you need additional help, please ask your SharePoint administrator for assistance.

Good luck with your project!