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Dave Cox

Hi Arash,

Yes, this is possible. I've done this successfully for a course that was not on the LMS, where we had the participants present the certificate as proof that they viewed the course. 

To make this work, your user will need to have a printer available on the system that they are using to take your course.

Then you will need to create your certificate in a regular html file, and any supporting files that your html certificate requires, such as css, and javascript.  You will place these files in the same folder as your story.html file.

Next, you add a "Print Certificate" button to your course. This button will use javascript to launch your certificate. I named my certificate file certificate.html. Here is the javascript that I used to launch the certificate:

var newWin=window.open("certificate.html", "certificate", "status=0,scrollbars=0,width=820,height=620");

I haven't tried this on an LMS, but it should work if you add your files to the zip file before you upload the zip to the LMS. The only way to know though, is to try it.