Print the slide of success

I know with the LMS you should support the function of printing a certificate and not directly in Storyline 3. But to make it easy and fast publishing my course I would like to do so. It gives me less of work when I embed that the student is full supporting himself from the start till the end in the Scorm I have made. 

How can the student print the slide (results of succes)? I can suggested he should make a printscreen, but that is not so smart and nice though. the print button is for printing the results, but that lay out I cannot change. So I have made a slide that shows exactly who and when passed wich course.

I publish my scorm in moodle and that gives me a lot to learn before I can fix this in here in this LMS to make an examen and get a certificate. But anyone who knows...let me see. Thanks

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