Leveraging Animation Speeds in Storyline

Got to playing with grouped / nested animations this weekend while trying to work out more subtle transitions. The figures and example below may be helpful for others looking at the same thing. These are my estimates for the total animation transit time:

  • Very Slow - 5 seconds (the easing curve makes the last second or so of travel miniscule)
  • Slow - 2 seconds
  • Medium - 1.75 seconds
  • Fast - 1.5 seconds
  • Very Fast - 1.25 seconds

Here's the story file that demonstrates the timing. The second slide demonstrates how this can be used with a comparison. By mixing and matching animation types, you can create some pretty cool effects -- even with Storyline's limited animation support. 

For seekers of instant gratification, here's the published output.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Steve!  Always wanted to know the exact timings and was "too lazy."  I've done a lot of animations so far in my work so it's very helpful.

Also, one of the first things I put a feature request in for was the ability to set your own timings.  Sometimes, even these defaults aren't good enough.