Light Box Functionality

Aug 23, 2022

I understand that the Lightbox functionality comes with the X to close the lightbox.  However it seems hard for the learner to realize it is there.  Right now the light box shows a help screen that I want visible from all slides, so I don't want to have to replicate a layer on every slide.  I would like to add a close button but I am not sure if I can have the module return to the last slide the learner saw.  So if they click on help (and open the lightbox slide) from slide 10, they should return to slide 10 when they close the lightbox.  If they click on help (the lightbox opens) from slide 23 and when they close it I want them to return to slide 23.  I added a close button but the lightbox exit X still remains on the slide when I select it.  I am attaching two screen shots to show what this looks like.  I am looking for a solution that doesn't depend on Java.

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Walt Hamilton

Calling a slide as a lightbox causes it to pop up over the current slide, much like a layer, but with a different visual effect. So the slide that calls it is always open under it. When it is closed, it stops obscuring the original slide, and you can see it again. Put a trigger on it to close it if it is lightboxed, and you will get what you are asking for.

If a slide is lightboxed, it will still have the built-in X to close, and removing that represents quite a bit of effort, including using JavaScript.