Lightbox a slide from a quiz feedback page which inserts an unwanted Next button

Aug 24, 2021


I am using Articulate 360. I’m using the lightbox feature from the Quiz “Try again” layer to refer learners to a specific slide to review the information before retrying the question. The feature works nicely, except it includes an unwanted “NEXT” button when the learner clicks the button that triggers the lightbox. I made sure the checkbox for “use navigation controls” was not selected within the trigger, and the “NEXT” button is not enabled in the base slide. Something tells me it’s because I lightbox a slide with a “NEXT” button on that slide.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? If yes, what have you done to work around this? I appreciate your help.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

You're correct. Since the slide has the next button on the Player, it will display when lightboxing the Try Again layer.

I'm eager to see if our community members have come across a workaround for a different approach. It might be helpful for the community to take a look at the .story file if you're comfortable sharing it.

David Wun

Hi Leslie,

Sorry for the delay in response. I am uploading a scene from my .story file for your troubleshooting. It appears that even though I chose not to include navigation controls when I created the lightbox, Storyline included the NEXT button from that slide anyhow. You can replicate this issue with the second and third Check Your Knowledge questions. Purpose select the incorrect answer and submit. The course will present the feedback layer, then choose the “Review Content Again” button. By doing so, a NEXT button will appear on the lower right corner allowing the learner to skip the questions.

 In the most recent version of the course, I worked around this by creating a separate scene for all of the slides I lightbox and exclude the NEXT button. It works this way, but it was a lot more work. I hope you can find a better solution and I appreciate your help. Thanks! Please let me know if you have any questions for me.