Lightbox Return Drag Item to Start Point

I've decided to incorporate use of Lightbox for feedback and I got that to work correctly. The issue is that I have Drag & Drop Options set > Return item to start point if dropped outside [a correct drop target] and that isn't working anymore. The lightbox pops up and when I close it, the item is still over the incorrect target. Before I implemented lightbox, it returned to start point.


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Mike DiFonzo

Thanks but that didn't do it. I simplified things and removed the lightbox trigger.

When an object is dropped outside of the correct target, it changes to the incorrect drop state but stays over the target . It doesn't snap back to the original spot like prior to adding the extra state. I'll have to re-think this.

Mike DiFonzo

I got part of it to work correctly just before I saw your above post. I have lightbox triggered when state of the object is Drop Incorrect. The object does go back to original position. Issue is now when I drag the object again, the lightbox doesn't get triggered on the second attempt again. I notice on the second attempt, the object goes back to the original spot and changes state. If I drag on the third attempt, the lightbox does appear.  

Mike DiFonzo

I didn't use a layer since I had so much going on the slide that I didn't want to deal with one more thing in the same area. I would also have to use triggers to keep switching back to the original layer.  I liked being able to point to another slide on the lightbox and then just being able to close the window to return. 

I thought about using another slide and returning but I was worried that the slide would reset and the dropped objects would have to be re-done. I'll look into using the layers.

Mike DiFonzo

I tried using layers and it is manageable but I'm back to my original issue where the object doesn't snap back to the original spot for incorrect. It's even worse now since the next object appears when previously it wouldn't appear until the object was dropped on the correct spot. I might just give up and live with it not going back to the original spot.

Tom Kuhlmann

Using a different slide is basically the same as lightbox (sine that's also
a different slide) but it doesn't look like a light box. One benefit of a
slide is that you are leaving and coming back which gives you those options
with triggering on a timeline restart. You can set the slide to keep
current state or reset...or use variables to have more control.

Mike DiFonzo

I tried using the slide to keep current state but it reverted back to original.

I opened up a case and they logged it as a possible software bug. The only workaround they have at this time is to remove the triggers attached to the drag items to make the "return to original position" work.

I 'll have to rethink how to accomplish what I need. Glad to know it wasn't my lack of knowledge but what a pain to have wasted so much time on it. I did learn some new things though.

Mike DiFonzo

Thanks for looking into this. Your work-around is pretty slick. Initially, I was still confused how you got the object to go back to the original location. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted to create so many triggers to disable each separate object every time the one object was dropped incorrect.

But as I was playing around with your suggestions, I think I stumbled upon the solution. I'm using the drop incorrect state to create the "lightbox" effect to provide feedback. Since it's just a drop incorrect state, it automatically goes back to the original spot prior to the pop-up feedback. 

I don't have to use any disable triggers for the other objects since they are stacked and show one at a time. Also, since I'm using the drop incorrect state, I don't have to add triggers to account for each of the multiple incorrect targets.

I think this simplifies things (fingers crossed). I'll try to see if this all works if I get time to focus on this and let you know. Thanks for giving me some great ideas. 

Mike DiFonzo

I thought I had it all worked out until they wanted feedback for correct answer too.

I used a textbox to provide feedback on the Correct state but when it displays, the textbox displays partially off the slide (even though I have it in the middle in State). The Incorrect state displays the textbox perfectly in the middle as designed.  

Another bug?

Mike DiFonzo

Update: Finally got it all to work using a bunch of work-arounds!

The issue with the Correct State "feedback" displaying partially off-screen appears to be working as designed per Articulate Support: "Drop Correct state will show at the location where the Drag Item was placed. To achieve your requirement, I would suggest adjusting the position of the Drop Correct state to the center, relative to the Drop Target."  This meant that I had to off-set the display to the far right-bottom to display in the center. Bit odd.  I really think that should be fixed and keep it consistent with Incorrect state display that consistently displays in center.

This resulted in another issue when the correct state appeared and the next target would display partially in front of the correct state feedback at the same time. 

So, I  got rid of the Correct state feedback but kept the Incorrect state feedback. I created a correct feedback layer (similar to lightbox effect) to trigger when Drop Correct State is met. The layer is hidden upon user click of the feedback group. I also changed the object to Hidden state upon the click to clear it off of the screen. That way you can see the next target.

When the Incorrect State feedback pops up, I added a trigger to change the object back to Normal to reset it to the original position to try again. 

Thanks for assisting me in working through this.

Mike DiFonzo

Thanks. I thought I had it all worked out yesterday but ran into a couple of issues where Correct State "feedback" would appear after the third Drop Incorrect. Also the next object would appear after the Drop Correct and would hide a portion of the feedback. I ended up using multiple layers for the correct and incorrect feedback but it sure was a lot and I'm only halfway there. At leastit's working correctly.

Vevette is looking into the odd issues I ran into with the drop states. I'd like to know what the problem was in case I want to use that method down the road. Sounds like Vevette might be on to figuring it out.