Lightbox Slide in SL3

I do not have a slide/file i can share, due to company security requirements, so I will attempt to describe the issue the best I can.

I have created a lesson using multiple lightbox slides with the intent to give the user a close up view of a specific component within the system. The user clicks a hotspot and the lightbox opens. In Preview Mode, the "Red X" in the upper right corner of the lightbox slide shows in front of the lightbox, in its normal offset position. However, when I go to publish the lesson the "Red X" is showing in its normal offset position, BEHIND the lightbox. This is a new issue I've never seen before, and I've used lightboxes since the release of the original SL. It is also occurring in a coworker's lesson. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

I haven't found a similar issue yet, so as I start my testing I wanted to confirm a few details:

  • What update of Storyline 3 are you using? Storyline 3, build 3.5.16548.0 would be the latest. 
  • Are you seeing this issue with the red X in any particular browsers or all of the supported options?
  • Where are you hosting the published output (LMS, web server, etc.)? 

Thanks, and once I have those details I can thoroughly test! 

Jeff Miller

Ashley -

Both my coworker and I have the latest version of SL3. She was seeing the issue in IE, and I was seeing it in Chrome. She first noticed it when she was viewing her lesson in our LMS (Plateau). I noticed it when I was running it outside of an LMS. (I had clicked on the Story.HTML file)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jeff! 

We did some more testing, and we were finally able to reproduce the behavior you're seeing. Fortunately, we're targeting to fix this issue in the next update of Storyline 3, coming soon. We'll pop back in to let you know as soon as that fix is ready!

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