Lightbox Slide when Timeline Ends

Aug 30, 2012

Hello Storyline Gurus,

I'm having an issue on a slide that has a slide trigger that launches a lightbox slide when the timeline ends for the slide. On the lightbox slide, there are 3 buttons allowing the user to branch to different sections. On each of those buttons, I have a trigger to close the lightbox & then a 2nd trigger to jump to the corresponding slide. However, the lightbox will not close - it simply jumps to the slide within the lightbox. I do have the close lightbox trigger on top so I've checked all that.

The really weird thing is that if I go back to the slide that is launching the lightbox and add a shape off screen and use that to trigger the lightbox when the shape's timeline ends, everything works perfectly. The lightbox will close and branch to the correct slide.

It sounds weird I know, but I wonder if there is a bug with triggering a lightbox slide when the timeline ends of a slide. The lightbox triggers just fine but it seems it won't close after that.

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