Lightbox Trigger Help

Hello Fellow Storyline Users,

I need some assistance on a lightbox feature.

I have a main menu course filled with icons that have visual tracking in place. These icons also slide jump to other parts of the course. I want to create a lightbox that pops-up after the icons have been visited (user goes through the whole menu). I have created this variable, however when the user clicks on the last icon - to jump to a slide - I need to lightbox to pop-up after the slide jump.

Right now, when you click on the last icon, the lightbox appears first, before the icon jumps to the slide. I need this to happen afterwards.

I have my lightbox trigger set to move to its slide when the state of picture, 1,2,3,4, etc have been visited. What condition do I need to create to have the slide jumps on the trigger happen completely before the lightbox appears stating completion of the menu.


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