Likert Scale Question not tracking in Articulate Online

Aug 15, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I have included a Likert Scale question following a 10 question quiz in one of my training modules that is posted on Articulate Online. Everything appears to be working fine from a user perspective but for some reason the Likert Scale question is not showing up in my reporting off of Articulate Online.  The slide itself is selected properly in the Result Slide Properties box and it does show up when the users take the quiz. I believe they are answering the Likert Scale Question but the results are just not showing up....Any Ideas oh E-Learning Heroes???

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Heather Appell

Hi Peter,

I am wondering in which report the responses to a likert scale questions should be showing up.  I am working with a prototype storyline file and a trial version of articulate online.  The only questions/ interaction submitted is a likert scale question.  I cannot seem to find the results in the canned reports in AO.

Thanks in advance!


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