Limit counter adding 1 point per page - or disable the counter?

Jun 26, 2013

I am using a counter variable so the learner can view accumulated points earned on each page. However, I would also like the learner to be able to view the feedback to all answer choice selections freely as well. For example, I have a page set up where there are two answer choices, and I would like the learner to be able to view the feedback (in layers that show up and disappear with a click) for both answer choices freely. So essentially, a click on the correct answer will add a point and then show the feedback. After the the learner can go back and forth and read feedback to both answer choices. I want them to not be able to get more points if they go back and click the correct answer and look at the correct feedback again. Is there a way to disable the counter feature after a certain number of points?

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Jerson  Campos

Even though you found a solution, I suggest adding a true/false variable for each page. Once the user clicks on the answer, have a trigger check if the true/false variable = false (default), if it does change the variable to "true" and add a point to the score (if correct). If it doesn't then it won't do anything.

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