Limiting Storyline LRS/xAPI statements sent to LRS

Hi Group

Currently out of a Storyline 'package' (used to be a SCO, what is it in xAPI?!) published to Tin Can it seems that an activity statement is generated for each page/screen visited, every quiz question answered, and every quiz passed or failed.

Is there a way to limit what gets sent to the LRS? E.g. don't send page visits? Just report the pass score?

I ask as some 3rd party LRS vendors charge by the statement written/saved and this could get expensive storing statements that you just don't care about. 

Is there a step-by-step fudge to limit what gets sent?

Thanks for any insight.


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Andy Stopps

Hi Pete,

We've looked into this recently, and the short answer we've found is 'no'.

Our technical team have applied filters to the LRS so that only the useful information - commenced, completed, passed, failed etc is shown in an 'overview' page with the other statements hidden.

Hope that helps?



Hi All,

I know this one is still VERY oudated.

But I must object :

it is possible :)

in story.js (Storyline 2)  SendTinCanStatement :

// reduild the string for parsing
var jsonString = ('{"'+ decodeURIComponent(oTinCanRequest.Data).replace(/=/g,'":"').replace(/&/g,'","') +'"}').replace(/"{/g,'{').replace(/}","/g,'},"');

then make it an object

var obj = JSON.parse(jsonString);
console.log( obj ); // to investigate he content

Look at the objects to filter what you do not need.

For example to filter storyline pages experience to be stored

if( == "") return;

Best regards.