Limiting User Retries and Timeframe allowed - Storyline Quiz / Exam

Jun 30, 2023

I am designing an exam for a client.

There are a few requirements that I am having trouble implementing.


- User must exit the course completely to retry the exam

-User can have 3 attempts, but only 1 week to do so after starting the first attempt.


Is it possible to implement this? I know how to create a trigger to limit exam attempts within a project. You simply create a variable that counts to the desired attempt value before disabling the ability to retry. However, in this case, I am confused because the user must first exit the exam in order to retry, so the functionality mentioned above is useless. 

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Mitchel Castillo


 To implement the requirements you mentioned for the exam,

you can consider the following :

Tracking Attempts: Create a variable to track the number of attempts a user has made. Set the initial value of the variable to 0. Each time a user starts the exam, increment the variable by 1.

Time Limit: When the user starts the first attempt, record the current date and time. Store this value in a variable. Whenever the user wants to retry the exam, check if the current date and time are within one week of the stored date and time. If it is, allow the retry. Otherwise, disable the retry option.

Exit Course: Provide an exit button or functionality within the course that allows the user to exit completely. When the user exits, reset the attempt variable to 0. This will enable them to start a new attempt if they are within the time limit. PayMyDoctor Login

By combining these elements, you can achieve the desired behavior of limiting attempts and enforcing the time limit for retrying the exam. The user will need to exit the course completely to initiate a new attempt, and the retry option will be available only within one week of the first attempt. 

Implementing these functionalities may require scripting or programming within your course authoring tool or learning management system (LMS), depending on the platform you are using. Consult the documentation or support resources of your authoring tool or LMS for specific instructions on implementing variables, date/time functions, and course navigation features to fulfill these requirements.

Ensure you thoroughly test the exam functionality to ensure it meets your client's requirements and functions as expected before deploying it to users.