Line from photo outside of player

Hi all! I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and has a fix. I have a photo behind a frame png on my slides to give them a 3d effect. The photo moves on a motion path. When exported a line from the photo is visible outside the frame of the player. Extending my frame png and adding white bars the extend beyond the slide aren't covering this photo line. Sometimes it's fine, other times, I get the line. Any help would be appreciated!

Screenshot here as well. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Taylor,

Yes, I've seen this issue. I've never figured out why it shows up sometimes. 

One way that I've fixed this is to use the Crop tool in Storyline to crop the edge off of the image.

If that doesn't work then I add a shape over it that is set the the same color as the background.

If you background is complicated, for example another image, then you can place a copy of the image in front, and crop it to the area needed to cover the artifact.