Link in quiz feedback not working

Dec 10, 2021

I inserted a link inside some quiz feedback using Form View.  It seemed to set up the feedback nicely (see attached image), but when the feedback layer appears, the link does not work (though it is formatted like a link by Storyline).  Also, the trigger for the link is placed by Storyline on the base layer, but the trigger word itself is located on the feedback layer, which does not seem to make sense to me.

My file is attached.  Any help is appreciated.

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Mary Michelini

My "hero"!  Ha ha.  Thank you Richard.  That did the trick. 

I had thought of moving the trigger to the layer but hesitated because it was Storyline that automatically placed it on the base layer (inexplicably) via the Form View feedback setup. I have just asked Articulate if they think that Storyline's putting the trigger on the base layer instead of the relevant layer is a bug.  I will follow up here.

Richard Watson

You are very welcome Mary. It looks like the trigger was actually connected to the radio button. My guess is that you had that selected when you clicked the New trigger button.  Keep in mind when you put something on the base and add layers... the layers are like "sheets of paper" that overlay the base; meaning you will not be able to click on things you create on the base layer unless you address on the timeline for the specific layer. Clear as mud? :)

Glad you got it working. Storyline is a fantastic tool!