How to add new layer that isn't a feedback layer

Jan 24, 2018

I'm utilizing some interactivity in Storyline 360, and I'm a bit confused by the fact that the only layer I'm able to add is a Feedback Layer. This is not a quiz slide, and every time I try to add a new Feedback Master 360 crashes.

Is there a way to add a layer that is NOT a feedback layer? And more importantly, does 360 only utilize layers for quiz slides rather than other forms of interactivity? And lastly, how do you apply slide masters to layers and/or feedback masters?

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Walt Hamilton

Don't let Articulate's poor naming decision confuse you. The name they gave to the layer master is "Feedback" Master, probably because most of the built-in layers are pre-designed to use for quiz feedback. Layers are layers, and there is nothing special any of the feedback layers do.

When you create a quiz, it pulls up layouts that are useful for quiz reporting, but if you add a new layer, it defaults to the only layout that has nothing on it ("Blank"). You can use it for whatever you wish.

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