Link to LMS from external course?

Jun 13, 2016


We built a 500+ MB course for an LMS that has a 250MB limitation. :(

I proposed to break the final assessment quiz into a separate course that would be managed by the LMS, but the client's LMS person is saying that it won't work.

I don't know enough about LMSs to know why this would be an issue.
Has anyone built a solution like this? With the main learning content living outside of the LMS tracked final assessment?



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Tristan Hunt

That is how we build all of our courses so the assessment is separate from the learning content.

Given the size of the module I assume you have a large number of videos? I would recommend pulling them out of the module and linking to them using web objects with the videos either on a hosting site or located elsewhere in the LMS. This would help get your module under the 250mb limit.



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