Link to slide vs Link to scene

Feb 19, 2016

I've found a number of odd trigger issues and prev/next issues when using multiple scenes and linking the last scene slide to either another scene or the first slide in a scene.

Linking to the next scene sometimes changes the NEXT trigger...  unless it is an automatic transition. This is problematic as NEXT has nowhere to go now.  I've seen several other anomalies and don't want to document them here.

OK, one more... in Story view, there is a context-menu that appears when right-click is applied to a scene-to-scene link. I'm unable to keep that menu visible to click on "disconnect link" as the context menu vanishes upon releasing the right mouse button.

Is there a best practice or a clear explanation of the use of link to scene vs link to slide?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

I talked with a few of our team who design a number of courses to confirm and then shared its generally personal preference. One of them shared this thread as an example of how one user has seen the difference in using scenes or slides. 

I guess if you were doing a lot of moving around of slides within a scene, having the set up "link to scene" would mean you didn't have to change the trigger for each adjustment. Say originally the last slide in scene 1 had a trigger to jump to slide 2.1 - as that was the start of the scene. If you then go and moved slides around in scene two and changed it so that slide 2.5 is now the start of the scene you'd have to go back and change your trigger. If you had set the trigger as jump to scene 2 - no need to modify the trigger after you're done moving files around. 

Hope that helps clarify some and that others users in the community will chime in here as well! 

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