Linking a button to the resources area.

Hello All - 

I am curious as to how you would link a button within the module to a document in the resources area. I have a trigger set up to that the button Jumps to URL/File and I typed in "/story_content/external_files/FILENAMEHERE" and named the file according the the file uploaded to the resources section. However, when posted to a content link, I am getting a 404. I've tried everything. I have even uploaded the file from my server, however, that is NOT a solution as those who do not have access to my server will not be able to open the documents. 

Any advice?

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Pam Glazier

Did anyone find a solution to this issue? I'm having the same problem--four years later. I linked to PDFs in the resources section as described above, and the training keeps pushing 404 errors out whenever someone tries to click the link or click on the in-training resources under the resources tab.