Linking a Multipage document to a trigger on a slide

Apr 25, 2019

I am trying to Link a PDF file multipage document to a slide through clicking a button on this slide.  I then am making CDs to introduce my work to new clients.

When I  test the published work out, it works but instead of quickly displaying the PDF document, I notice that it must go out through the old Explorer browser and then slowly download the PDF doc file.  How can I simply get a link directly to the document file?

Terry Banach

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Terrance R Banach

Thanks Alyssa and Phil.

Alyssa, I used the URL/File hyperlink to a PDF file on my desktop. However, I will try your suggestion using the Resource in the Course Player. So far I have never used the Player function.

Phil prior to using Articulate for course authoring, I used Trivantis Electora.  There you simply link to any file on your PC/Laptop and it places it directly into Lectora's story module external file.  The file then is included together with your story file folder and accompanies it wherever you save the file.

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