Linking content to play in AMPlayer via the story.html file

Dec 23, 2014


I'm testing mobile delivery and running into some road blocks.

I've published a course and allowed HTML5 output and Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS and Android.

I then upload the package to SCORM cloud. The instructions on indicate I should 'link' to the html.story file but I'm unable to find how to do that via SCORM cloud.

Ideas on how I could distribute this so it plays on the Articulate Mobile Player?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

It looks like Phil and Michael have you covered here - and SCORM Cloud won't allow you to pull the story_html5.html link as you mentioned, but if you were loading to a web server or similar you may be able to point to that link to ensure the content opens in HTML5. If you've published for SCORM and are testing it within your iPad or Android tablet you should view the content in Mobile Safari of Chrome respectively as indicated here. 

Andrew Downes

Hi Aaron,

Have you tried using SCORM Cloud's invitations feature to get access to the course from the mobile device? 

Here's what to do, step by step:

  1. Logged into SCORM Cloud, click on the library tab.
  2. Find your Tin Can course and click the 'Invite' button on that row. 
  3. Complete the form with the options you want then Create Invitation

See for more. 

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