Linking pdf files to open in different browsers

Jan 18, 2015

Hello to you all.

When i am creating a link to open a pdf file in a browser, and trying to open it, i get this: 

"The hyperlinks feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing locally, because your browser does not support it."

Now, i am using Chrome when this happens, but when i force it to open in Microsoft Exploere, it opens with no trouble.

My question is: how can i make this link to open in any browser (at least the popular ones) on the clients computer?

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Thanks a lot.

I tried to insert a photoshop jpg file that was 70 Mb, but it seems that Storyline shrank the file and heavily reduced resolution to a point that it became unreadable.

I have to show some papers (about 20 x A4 size ) in my work. Pdf dosent work for me. and bitmap files, are too large...

Do you have any suggestion? 

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