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Oct 06, 2016

Working on a last minute deadline, and looking for Storyline 2  guidance on how to link the below Quiz Mode so the tests I've created in Storyline will be positioned at the end of the appropriate section(s) as outlined below # I to VIII, only when Quiz Mode is checked.

I can be reached at; or by phone at 908 787 2458

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Steve VE

The simplest thing I can see is to:

  1. Add the quizzes where you want them to be.
  2. On the slide before the quiz, create two "next" buttons, one on top of the other. One next button will go to the next slide (the quiz). The other will go to whatever slide is after the quiz.
  3. Add a true/false trigger to the "Quiz Mode" checkbox as outlined here: Toggling a checkbox variable.
  4. On the slide before the quiz, add a timeline trigger that reveals the button you want. Something like: If quizMode == True show takeQuiz button elseIf show skipQuiz button.

I would use states to show/hide the appropriate button.

This solution assumes you are using a custom navigation system.

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