Toggling a checkbox variable

Aug 09, 2013

Hi everyone,

I am creating a list of actions with a checkbox beside each item. The user would check off the items they wish to work on. I have a T/F variable attached to each checkbox that will reveal information the next page according to the state of the variable.

My problem is this: If a user checks off one of the boxes (changing the varible from T to F) and then changes their mind and unchecks it-- the variable stays T. Is there a way to toggle it back and forth? (check = T uncheck = F)

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Jay Jack

Please help me to achieve the following - I have a checkbox quiz (pick many) set on one page, and depending on which boxes user clicks - he will be shown the following pages. So if we have 3 checkboxes (abc), and he clicks all of them, he will be shown page 3, 4 & 5 - one after another. If he clicks (a) and (c) he will be shown 3 and 5 - one after another. And if he clicks only (c) - he will be shown only that page. Please explain me how to do that? I've been puzzling over this for some time - no results. 

As I understood from this topic, I need to use T\F triggers with "No assignment", so the checkboxes got toggled only when the user presses "Next" button. 

Jay Jack

Sorry, cannot share the file, its sort of confidential. Let me show you the slides schematic I've got (see the picture). Its all "pick many" interaction. And in case a user chooses a) - he goes only through a) line. But if he chooses a) & b), he goes through both lines, one after another. Or if he chooses a) & c) same for those lines.  Slides schematics

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jay

Flying blind a bit here with your setup but here goes - this sample is based on a pick one freeform slide and using the default submit button.

My triggers are changing the variable once the submit button is clicked so there is no toggle needed to adjust the variable, as the variable doesn't change until submit is clicked.

Hope this helps or gives you an idea of how to do it

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