Linking state change between two objects


I'm evaluating Storyline 360 and I have an issue that can be streamlined to the following:

  • I have two objects: an image (a simple circle here) and a checkbox.
  • I have defined two states on the image: normal and selected.
  • The checkbox initial state is normal.
  • I want the image state to "follow" the checkbox state: when the checkbox is selected, the image should be selected, and normal when the checkbox is normal.
  • So I added two triggers:
    • Change the image state to selected when the checkbox state is selected
    • Change the image state to normal when the checkbox state is normal

Now what happens is:

  • When I click the checkbox to select it, the image goes to the selected state: that's fine.
  • When I click a second time to the checkbox to unselect it, the image remains in the selected state, whatever I do with the checkbox. I have to click on the image to return it to the normal state.

Any help would be appreciated.

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