Linking Storyline Files

Aug 22, 2012

I have a course made up of 6 sections.  Each section (aka file) includes several different scenes.  I would like to publish my course to a CD and have a Main Menu that users will see that they can use to access each section (file) of the course.

I do not want to combine the whole course into one gigantic file.  First of all, each file is big enough as they stand now, plus I like that each section of the course has it's own menu.

So, does anyone know if I can create a MENU that has buttons that "jump" out and run each file?



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Tom Fogarty

Having a similar issue with size of project and have course I can separate. They will not need to communicate with each other so a simple menu that  would launch each file would be great. These will be on a flash drive not a CD but do not see how that would matter. The issue I am having is I cannot seem to get the individual storyline files to run from the one slide menu story.  Can you explain working with the URL structure a bit to make sure that the buttons are able to find the other launch files??

Mike Enders

Hi Tom,

I think the challenge is the URL system that you're using. If you tell SL to look to a particular drive (A:, B:, C:, etc.) you'll run into difficulties.  The reason is that once someone sticks a USB drive into their machine, it may not be assigned the same letter.

I'd do this...

1. Publish out your courses that you're linking to.

2. Make note of the folder name and the launcher file name (be it an .exe or an .html).  So in the following image, I name the course folder (course01) and make note of the "Launch_Story1.exe" name (assuming I want to use the .exe to launch the course).

3. Now, in your Menu storyline project, when you link to the course, don't use any drive letters. Rather, establish the URL link with just the folder name and launcher file name.

4. Publish out your menu course.

5. Place the courses that the menu course will launch inside the published menu project folder.

6. Drop the menu project folder (that now contains the courses) onto your USB.  

I just tested locally and it seems to work fine.

I hope this helps!


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