Linking the state to the answer of a quiz question


I am quite new to storyline but I followed most of the tutorials. So here is my question :

I am making a quiz slide where a character is asking the question in a 'normal' normal state. It is a pick many question. Depending on the result of the answer, I want to give feedback by altering the state of the character with a textballon and not by the standard 'correct' and incorrect' feedback forms.

How exactly can I do that ?

Thank you in advance.


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hello Kury,

The way I go about this is use the correct and incorrect feedback as intermediate "layers" of sorts. But by doing so I have to edit the Feedback master. If you are fine by this, then :

1) Create a numeric variable (say 'fb') with an initial value of 0.

2) Set timeline of feedback layers to half a second.

3) Create a trigger on the Correct layer to change the value of 'fb' to 1.

4) Create a trigger on the Incorrect layer to change the value of 'fb' to 2.

5) Set both Feedback layers to go "hide this layer" when timeline finishes.

6) Create a trigger in the main slide to change the states of your characters as needed (i.e. change state of character to 'Y state' if value of fb is 1 , change to 'Z state' if value is 2).

This works when the answer limit is set to 1.

Hope it helps,


Alexandros Anoyatis

It depends on what you want to do after a resulting answer.

You could create a "try again" button that appears if variable of 'fb' has the value 2, then set this button to reset the selections on the "pick many" quiz (when user clicks) and then set the variable 'fb' to 0 (again when user clicks the try again button).

In the case of the right answer being shown, you could create a next button that appears when variable of 'fb' equals 1, and then proceed to the next slide/chapter.

I'm sure there are less complicated (or otherwise more efficient) ways to do what you want to do, however, I've found that this way, does not interfere with the way Storyline evaluates responses, which means you won't run into problems with calculating scores if you want to report to a LMS.

Hope this helps,


Kurt Bogaert


thx for your reply. I foolowed your advice and 

I solved my problem as follows :

1) I created a numeric variable (feedback) with an initial value of 0.

2) Next I created a pick many quiz question;

3) The correct/incorrect and try again layers connected to the submit button are hidden but  I added a trigger on these layers changing the feedback variable when correct to 1 and incorrect/tryagain to 2

5) Next I added following triggers to the base layer to change the states of your characters as needed in accordance with the value of the feedback variable.

And that's it

Ronda Otey

Okay...I am doing the same thing.  I have a multiple choice and I want my character to give a thumbs up if they get it right and a confused look if they get it wrong.  I also do not want the standard "you are correct" box to come up but my character to have a thought bubble come up when the user gets it correct or incorrect with a state change...your help is appreciated