Linking to files

Hi All

Have been given the request to make a linked file open in a new window. Everything I try results in it opening in a new tab - this is causing a problem for some users for a whole lot of reasons - too many to go into.  

Basically, can I force a linked file (pdf) to open in a new window, using SL2?  Company is almost exclusively using Chrome.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lance,

It's generally a browser setting - and for example within Chrome, it'll mostly open in a new tab as the default instead of a new window entirely. There isn't a way to force this in Storyline, so you may want to provide directions to users on how to change this behavior or look at if you're able to just have them utilize the tab set up. 

Lance Treloar

Hi Ralf - thanks for that, but no, it doesn't work - that action results in a new tab not browser window.

Thanks Ashley - was afraid that that was the case.  Is this behaviour a change in SL2?  I'm sure we have SL1 courses that will open in a separate window.  Has there been a change to the available options (no longer have access to a copy of SL1 to test this thought).