Linking to mp3 audio on a separate server

Oct 04, 2013

Hello there,

Our scorm's become quite large due to the amount of audio files we have for each scorm package. We would like to host our audio files on a server separate from the scorm that is uploaded to the LMS to keep the scorm package size down. I have ftp'd all of the mp3's to the external server and have edited the imsmanifest.xml file to point to the external server audio files, but the audio will not play now. In the imsmanifest file, the tags are <file href=........ normally followed by a relative path to the Storyline_Content directory. Am I not able to point to another server using full paths to another server?

Many thanks in advance for your time,


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Justin and welcome to Heroes! 

That is not possible to do. When you publish a Storyline file, the pubilshed output needs to be in the exact structure as it is upon publish. Content is not loaded all at once so I wouldn't necessarily be concerned about the size of the SCORM package. Is there a reason you are concerned about that? 

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