Links opening in new tab/window


When a user clicks on a hyperlink in a course, the webpage opens up in a new tab or window, but that window receives the focus and covers the course window.

The user thinks the course has closed and proceeds to start over. 

So is there a way to specify when clicking a link that the webpage opens up but that the course window stays on top? 

Many thanks!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ray,

When you set up your URL link, if you hover over your link you will see a gear icon that you can click to select Browser Options:

When you select the icon, you will have an opportunity to setup a Custom browser window size:

Although the new window will still appear on top of the course window, if you set the custom size to something smaller, the user will still be able to see the course window underneath, which should make them realise that they just need to close the new URL window or simply click on the course window to carry on with their course.

Hope this helps.