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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lucia,

Can share the error with us? It may help in determining the cause. 

Is this just happening for one specific person, or anyone that attempts to view the PDF?

Right off the bat, first thing I would check is the name of the file. Are there any spaces, underscores, or any other special characters in the name? If so, try removing them and see if the link works properly. 

Lucia Salters

I cannot remove the spaces as this is the name of the directory

The hyperlink looks like this: \\swigva01-vsr-02\\GSCFTDocuments\\Production Support\\Quality\\Serious Quality Incident Management\\Self e-learning\\Advanced\\Training Documents\\Local Recall Procedure_Canada_Oct 2010.pdf

Could it be too long?

Geert De Rycke


if they cut/past the hyperlink in a new browser window, does it work?

Is your course deployed on a server, or on a workstation machine (normal PC) ?

It might be that a firewall is preventing the server upon which you deployed your course is preventing access.

An other reason could be Macromedia security settings preventing to access to the intranet.

try this link on the clients site


Geert De Rycke

Hi Lucia,

I do not have enough experience in this. I know we had issues when publishing our Articulate presenter training courses on our intranet. We had all kinds of policies running which prevented us from publishing it; We used to use Sharepoint (luckily no more) and most of our problems are solved.

Does this company have an IT section/department/service with whom you can discuss ?