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May 23, 2018

Hey guys,

i have been looking to create a moving que, when an active list item has been cleared the rest of the list moves up towards the top, kind of like when an old train station sign moves when a train has departed and all the other departing trains move up in the que but are still left on screen... anyone have a good idea on how to accomplish this, looking at my screen shot imagine :


someone clicks prudence, and goes through to clear her out of the que becuase her tasks have been taken care of.

when you are done with prudence you come back to my screen shot to see that she is not there, there are only three names and Lucy (the last name on the list) has moved to take Prudence's spot.


thanks any thing will help for sure!!!!



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Michael Hinze

That depends how flexible and realistic this list is supposed to be. If any of the row can be clicked, then this would require quite a few triggers. If the "prudence..." row is the only clickable item, the it's much easier. On click, you can set the state of the three "Prudence"-related textboxes to Hidden. The three "Lucy" items below could be a group which is then moved up with a short motionpath animation.

justin kliegman


Awesomely / Sadly::: All list Items are clickable, and there are multiple dashboards with many more lists just like this one, that also need the same treatment!

We have figured out how to really "clear" them (using states) but haven't figured out to use the variables/triggers/slides to just move them in the natural way with out doing: 4 x 4, then 4 x 3 then, 4 x 2 and then 4 across the board once more via interactions to make it seem like they are replacing each others spot when they've been cleared out.

and to further that, i don't even what animate them, just come back to the screen to find that that has been replaced!!!!

Can I Please work for you Articulate??????????????????


LOL thanks again all!



justin kliegman


Tom, can you help explain this a little better....

i'm thinking hot spots to control the first interaction before the state gets changes, but still the next set of hot spots now need to be moved for the user to think they are clicking something. that being said states / layers its going to be about 16 step interaction to complete this.


Tom Kuhlmann

Here's an older SL file where I did something similar. You can deconstruct it. 

  • The difference is that in my demo, I started with all of the progress icons hidden.
  • The icons are all exactly the same but I display different states based on the user selection.

I don't know what they'll choose first but i want to show the progress in the sequence they chose. I'm doing an additive approach where I evaluate what should be displayed and change the state of the object.

In your case, it's similar but you're deductive where you are removing states. 

Hopefully looking at how I did that gives you some ideas. 

justin kliegman

I would love to fine a way to make this complete, the states i have selected, (once changed) still need to be clicked after the first one has been accessed/passed and has gone away, making the hot spots still active to the last link they were programmed to ... so then I'll use layers to control the different hot spots based on the states they have recalled- based on the variables tree that controls it all?

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