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Chad Keller

Seems to be a browser thing. But this is what my testing revealed for SL1.  I used Ctrl + C to go to next slide and Ctrl + Z to go to previous slide.  Also, I think for best results you need to put your files on a web server to test this since some functionality might be silently blocked when viewing the files locally on your computer. (a local web server works if you have one setup)

Flash and HTML5:  Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z worked for latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

HTML5: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z worked with IE 11 and Edge.

Flash would not respond at all on IE 11 or Edge.

Also, I wanted to mention that the Storyline preview does not seem to support these keyboard triggers probably do to the fact that the software itself uses them for internal commands and overrides any behavior that the preview pane wants to do.

I used Ctrl + K and Ctrl + L and they work in the preview pane, but they are also not bound to any shortcuts.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

Some keystrokes are common keyboard shortcuts for web browsers—for example, F1, Alt+D, and Ctrl+T. Because learners view published courses in a web browser, some keystrokes could result in unwanted behavior. We recommend testing your published output before deploying it to ensure it works as you'd expect. You may need to adjust some of the keystroke requirements for your interactive elements if there's a browser conflict. See this article for more information.