LMS commit exception handling

Oct 12, 2016

How can we handle LMS commit exception in storyline  UI?

Use Case:

Learner Logs in to LMS
Starts Scorm Package
Scorm Package gets fully loaded on Browser
Learner completes all slides/quiz and Scorm Package then submit data to LMS
Learner scorm completion data request for some reason(network/server issue/session timed out/other reasons) fails.

Possible Solution???

In case of commit failure,  Display slide which actually mentions the Error and Allows learner to re-submit the request
In case of commit success, Display completion message. 

Please help.




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Zack S

Hi Ashley,

Yes, it doesn't fix the problem.

Problem is JavaScript popup are easily ignore or blocked.

Only fool proofing the process of scorm lms commit is to add conditional slide before displaying the user completions/score/result screen. This additional slides should allow learner to resubmit the lms commit request in case of failure due to any reason. 

I hope this helps.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Zack.  Thanks for following up!  We don't have any updates at this time, but if a feature is added in an updated version of Storyline, we cover that in the release notes, support cases and in relevant community discussions.  

Just to share for you and others who are curious about our feature request process:

1) First, we see if the request is currently possible, and we let you know if there's a way to achieve your goal. 

2) If the request isn't currently supported, we estimate the value it could bring to our products. 

3) If a request adds value, we submit it to our product development team for review. 

4) Our development team gauges the impact of the request. Will it benefit many of our customers, or does it meet a niche need? 

5) If the request is approved, we add it to the development pipeline where it gets designed, developed, and tested. 

6) When the feature is ready, we release it and announce its arrival. 

Thanks again!

Jacqui Yoo

I had the same issue, and our thought was that Storyline sends the commit/finish on window close (but have been unable to verify), and the data was unable to be sent quickly enough. There was varying success, so sometimes it would go through, sometimes not. But the solution for me was to, on the last slide, at 1 second, execute javascript:

// set score, complete, whatever you need, and then:


(needed to include the empty string)

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