LMS Manifest Issues

Hi we have a client reporting this error with several of their courses. It only appears to be presenting in some of the languages, but not all. Below is their description of the issue. Has anyone come across anything like this?

"I am having a couple of issues with the recent courses that were sent that have the language used in the manifest. Some of the Cyrillic languages and Korean, etc. had the language put in the manifest and I have been going into the xml and editing them myself. The majority are working fine after I made the alterations in the manifest .xml file but I did have a couple that when I went in to make that change, I noticed that the manifest was calling a different language than the one that was indicated in the title of the file. For instance the Human Firewall for Slovak is pulling either the Dutch or the Norwegian language."

Thank you!

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Candiss!

Smart move to also open a support case. I see that my teammate, Chino, is already troubleshooting with you to determine what may be going on in the file.

I'll follow the conversation as it progresses so that I can share any relevant insight here as well. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!