LMS Needs SCORM 2004 4th Edition - is there a way to allow an earlier edition?

Jun 05, 2023

Before I left town, I uploaded a Storyline 360 course to a client in SCORM 2004 and was subsequently informed that their LMS requires 4th edition. Is there anything that can be done without access to my original files to make the course work on their LMS? I'm especially interested in any settings the client can change in their LMS to make the current version run.

Many thanks in advance.

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John Morgan

Hi Emile,

Great question! I understand you'd like to update a SCORM package to a different edition without accessing your original files. I can answer that question in regards to Storyline.

In Storyline, you would need access to the course file and republish the course after choosing the new edition. Here is a screenshot of the setting you are looking for in the Reporting and Tracking Options window.

I'll leave the question open to the community for any recommendations for settings within your LMS.

Thanks for reaching out!