LMS not recognizing scorm interactions on quiz retry

Dec 16, 2014

Hi Article Community,

Recently my organization began using Interactyx TOPYX as our LMS platform.  We have come across an inconsistency with how SCORM packages are interacting with the LMS platform specifically when the SCORM package allows the learner to retake the quiz. The SCORM correctly communicates a pass result to the LMS when the quiz passes on the first try. However, when a user needs to retake the quiz to score a passing grade, and uses the retake button within the sco - the sco will always send an incomplete status even when they score a passing grade.

 The SCORM packages were published in Storyline 1 version with the output option of SCORM 1.2 (the accompanying screen shots in zip file show all publishing options selected for the SCORMs).

The quiz is setup to use the quiz bank so the questions are populated randomly during the quiz and any retake, if necessary. An example course is also accompanying this post along with the quiz answers.

Please take a look and see if I missed any settings that are causing this false communication with the LMS.

Thank you in advance for your assistance


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Emily Ruby

Hello Barb!

I tested your file on the SCORM Cloud, failed once, then passed the second time and the passing score did go through. You may want to test this in the SCORM Cloud form you end as well.

You may also want to look at the information here, and possibly reach out the your LMS team to see if they can see what may be causing the issue.

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