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Mar 15, 2013


I am working with a client who has reported that their LMS (SAT) has in the past always reported a %complete along with the complete/incomplete status for Articulate Studio created modules.  We just switched to using Storyline and have published and uploaded the first module to the LMS,  The modules plays, but in the LMS it doesn't report the percentage complete any longer.  When published I set it to # of slides viewed as that is what they want to track.  There are 4 quizzes in the module with a final results slide, but they do not want to track by quiz. 

It the issue with the LMS or within Storyline and I didn't set the publishingchoices correctly to obtain the complete percentage number in the LMS report?

Thank you for any guidance!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michelle,

Do you get the same results if you try testing your course in SCORM Cloud? That will help us determine if the issue is Articulate-related or if it's on SAT's side. If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Let us know how it turns out.


Justin Wilcox

Hi Michelle.

Do you know what information the LMS is using to determine the percentage? You would need to find out what that specific data is that they are reading and see what is being sent to the LMS to see if your content is actually sending that information. Typically a percentage would come from a quiz score, not the number of slides viewed, so perhaps they are using something to determine percentage based on something tracked by slides viewed but you would need to know exactly what data that is or they are looking at Studio content that was tracked by a quiz.

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