LMS not showing "Completed"

Aug 22, 2013


I posted this a while ago and have not heard how to remedy this problem. Can someone please help?

I have a very complex course that works great except that after exiting a course in a Taleo LMS, the status is never set to "Complete" - even if the content has actually been completed and they pass with equal to or greater than 80%.

I have attached a similar Storyline file that is a mini version of the course I made that has the problem.

Thank you!


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Helen Tyson

Hi Denise,

In addition to Michele's comment, is your Results Slide the last slide in your course? If it is, try putting another slide after it - maybe a 'Thank you' slide or 'Credits' - as sometimes a course can be closed before the results are transferred fully preventing the completion mark doing its thing.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Denise,

My apologies for missing your reply to your other post here.  I tried it again, and now am presented with the same problem you are having. Helen's suggestion may work, and if it doesn't please let us know and feel free to submit a Support case since were were able to replicate the same problem within SCORM Cloud. 

Denise Malloy


Thank you for your reply!

Yes, I tried several different publishing outputs in the Reporting and Tracking.

We have put a quiz at the end that asks if  they have taken the course alone with just one answer to give them 10 points. This seems to work, but we are not happy with that work-around. Hoping for a real solution.