LMS Publishing Issue - Subfolders

Dec 16, 2013

I am having issues uploading a very large course to my LMS, it's in the neighborhood of 1.5 gb. The vendor has instructed me the issue is subfolders within the zip I'm uploading.

My question to the community is, if I dumped all published files into a single folder and zip that, will it actually work? I assume files are in subfolders for a reason, and these paths are necessary for a compiled course to actually know where the various components are.

Thanks inadvance for your feedback,


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Adam Mac

After some additional communication with my vendor, it was specifically the fact "project name Output" folder that caused the issue. Once I moved down a level in the folder hierarchy and zipped all contents (subfolders included) in that folder, I was able to upload.

Not sure if my vendor uses an off the shelf LMS or it's developed in-house, but the system we use is branded as iTacit.

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