Storyline 3 Issues Uploading SCORM Packages into SumTotal Learn

Apr 14, 2017

Hey folks,

Has anyone else had an issue with uploading Storyline 3 scorm packages into SumTotal Learn?  I am interested in testing the new mobile capabilities in Storyline 3, but when I uploaded it to our LMS, I got an error message stating (see attachment)that gz, woff, and json files contained within the zip are unsupported.

Is there a work around?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Aaron!  Thanks for giving Storyline 3 a spin!  :)

Regarding those 3 file types:

  • WOFF files are necessary for our new and improved HTML5 output.
  • GZ files are used when you include the Articulate Mobile Player when you publish.

  • our team is reviewing JSON files and how they are affecting the published output in certain LMS environments.

Here are some next steps that you can take.

If you determine that you don't want to use the Articulate Mobile Player (many people don't, given the new HTML5), you can uncheck that option during publishing.


Next, reach out to SumTotal support and ask if they have plans to allow these file types in SCORM content.

Deepak Mohanty

Hi all,

Well, this is an old post but I've come across similar issue for gz  file type, and I simply included this new file type in the File Upload Security section of SumTotal. 

You need to log in to SumTotal Learn as System Admin and then add the file type to the list of allowable file types under the Global Settings > File Upload Security Section (the path of this depends on the SumTotal version you use).

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