LMS Publishing - Launch Window - Problem Issue

We are having problems with a course we're publishing through Storyline. The problem is how it's launching in our LMS. All of the courses we publish with Articulate Studio 13, we select Launch in New Window, and when they launch, they launch correctly. (See below screenshot.) They launch in a new window, that is correctly sized.

So we copied ALL of the Player Template and Publishing settings that we used in Articulate 13 and replicated them in Storyline. (See screenshot to see that the settings are indeed the same. Storyline on the left, Art13 on the right.)

So then when we load up the Storyline course into our LMS, the new window that pops ups is full screen width, and half screen height, so the user has to resize the window. We have used the exact same settings when uploading the two courses to the LMS.

Any clue why the two pop up windows would be so drastically different?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashley,

I'd recommend changing the setting for Storyline from "display at users current browser size" to "resize to optimal size" as described here. If you choose this option, when the course launches it'll automatically resize the learner's browser to match the course's optimal size. The optimal size is whatever you've chosen as the story size, plus any additional height or width to accommodate the course player. Depending on the features and controls you've included on your player, the player can add between 20 and 260 pixels to the width of your course, and between 20 and 118 pixels to the height. If you need help understanding the features and controls available on your player, check out this tutorial