Loading published files directly onto Android tablet for viewing - can it be done?

Oct 29, 2015

We have Android tablets at work. I want to load a published SL2 project directly onto the tablet in order to view it. Due to our firewall, I cannot access the LMS or our SharePoint site (which could house the files). The Articulate mobile app is installed on the tablet. Help!

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Michael Hinze

You could try this:

1. Publish your content with the 'Allow downloading for offline viewing' publish option selected.

2. Upload the content to some temporary server, like GoogleDrive, DropBox, TempShare

3. Launch the contents' URL in your tablets browser. This should launch the content in the player app.

4. Then, in the player app library, tap the 'Offline Available' option to download the content.

Here is some info on this.

Greg Gilbert

Okay. I tried something totally different and it worked!

  1. I loaded the publishes files directly onto the tablet and placed them into the Documents folder
  2. I wrote down the file path on the tablet: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/story.html
  3. Opened Chrome browser, and typed the file path in the address bar; then hit Enter
  4. It opened up in the Articulate app and worked!
  5. Next, I went to the Library in the app, chose the module, and selected the offline viewing option - it downloaded onto itself

I think that's all the steps I did. Would love to see if someone else could try it this way.

Greg Gilbert

Hi Leslie - I published for Web including HTML5, Mobile and 'Allow downloading for offline viewing'. When I typed the file path in the address bar of Chrome and hit enter, it brought up the launch screen from the Articulate app. That allowed me to open the module and then I selected the download option from the slider bar.

Michael Ford


You are my hero. I have been trying to get this to work for weeks, and I couldn't understand how to get the Articulate Player to launch the files. Like you, my project is not online, but instead stored locally on the device. After countless hours of failing at trying to get it to work, my co-worker found this thread, and presto. Worked like a charm. Can't thank you enough for taking the time to troubleshoot this, and to post the results on this thread. You have been a tremendous help.

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