Loads of Results.ScorePercent etc variables in file

Hi there. I created a template for a new client a few weeks ago. I have built 5 projects in the meantime based on the same template. The template has a built-in results slide that refers to the default variables that were generated when it was inserted.

Template Variables

The first project launched has the same template based variables:

First Build


The other 4 all progressed nicely and functioned as expected.

The current file was working fine until today. It seemed to have problems jumping to the Results Slide. I checked and double-checked and everything looks as expected.

So I thought, "okay, corrupt Results Slide, somehow. Delete and reinsert. No biggie!"

When the new variables displayed on-screen I was surprised to see a 48 in there.  When I looked at the variables table I can see that there are now 48 built-in variables for each and every results variable. 

I have adjusted my template to reflect the new Results Slide variable but my concern is why this happened.

Current Module

When I opened the previous project built I can see the tally was up to 19. But there was no issue with that build so I never noticed.

 Previous Project

I have not generated a new results slide per module, let alone multiple times in one single build so how is this happening?

Is there any way I can delete all these redundant extras? It doesn't appear possible within the Variables Panel.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Diarmaid,

I appreciate the thorough description of what you are experiencing and the images. I've not seen this behavior.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

As for deleting unused variables, that is a feature request that we are tracking (for the ability to choose multiple and/or delete any unused) and I've added this conversation to the report, but at this time it can only be done one by one.

Diarmaid Collins

Thank you for responding. I have uploaded the file privately and hopefully, you and your tech wizards can identify what the problem may be.

Regarding the deletion of variables - it seems that the 'built-in' variables (Menu.Progress, Menu.SectionNumber, etc) cannot be deleted. The option is greyed out. I totally understand why.

If I was able to simply delete all the extra duplicate Result.PassPercent, Result.PassPoints, Result.ScorePoints, and Result.PassScorePercent variables then I'd be ok with things.

I just hate redundant stuff in a build. It makes my work look sloppy. :)

Lynn Puhr

I am having the same issue - and my test results page will not display. Is this something that happened in the last build possibly?  I swear it was working fine. I am looming scarily close to my deadline and cannot get tests working. Oddly, among my 3 modules, 1 works and 2 do not - these are separate files.  Additionally, the variables used in the review test and retry test become unassigned.  Just more clues in my case.  Other clues were the same as Diarmaid.

Lacey Hendrickson

I also experience this same issue. I have created a template file with various elements that are repeatedly used within our courses. The template does have a results slide but it doesn't reference any other slides as there are no quiz/survey slides within the template file. When I import any of the slides from the template file into a new course, I get anywhere from 9 to 18 sets of variables for the results slide. This is true even when the results slide is not imported into the new course.