Localize glossary terms

Feb 27, 2013

Is it possible to localize the glossary terms by using the translation Export/Import tool?

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Monica Sulecio de Alvarez

Hello, Peter.

Have you found any workaround to localizing the Glossary terms in Storyline?

Storyline exports the words but still copy/pasting the text back is a little time consuming...

Is there a way to make a bulk feed directly into the Glossary section?

What is a good workaround to have the same Glossary used in several storyline modules? With Studio '13 it is just a matter of including the same Engage Glossary file.

Thank you for your ideas,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monica and welcome to Heroes! 

There isn't a bulk feed for a glossary translation, but when you add a glossary to a course, these items are saved within your project, not within your player. (This means that if you save your player and apply the player to other projects, the glossary won't be applied with it.)

If you want to re-use the same glossary in another project, an easy way to do that is to save your project as a Storyline template. Then, when you're ready to begin a new project, use that template as your starting point by choosing From project template on the Storyline launch screen. When you repurpose content this way, the player customizations on the template (including any Glossary you've added) become part of the new project. If you later add, delete, or change any of the glossary terms, those changes won't automatically carry over to other projects in which you've used the same template. You'll need to make the same changes in each project.

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