Lock button size

Jun 01, 2021


Is there a way to lock the size of the button?  Specifically, when the Storyline file is set to automatically scale to the learner's browser window size, the button will (naturally) resize to reflect the browser's smaller window.  

As silly as it sounds, however, is there a way to keep the button at a specific size no matter what size the browser window is?  (We're including a Storyline file in a Rise course, which is the reason the scaling may differ)

Thank you!

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Judy McDonough

Thanks; yes I did try to create a shape instead of a button but that still scales when you Resize the window.  I also tried your suggestion and, like before, it still scales the shape/button when the window is resized.  I mean, I understand why it does that; but I wish I had a bit more control as to how small it gets.